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It is our supreme goal to supply our valued clients with the tax and financial advice that they require. We will use a full range of research vehicles to supply you with a complete and technically correct answer on a timely basis. While your tax and financial matters are of utmost importance, we strive to create and maintain a personal relationship that reaches beyond the “number crunching” accountant stereotype. We believe that accounting is as much a people business as it is forms and numbers. We do not advertise and our business continues to grow. The clients of Georges & Moore range in size from small to midsize corporations to small and growing companies and individuals Together they represent an impressive cross section of the business, industrial and economic community.

The firm is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), which requires that the firm undergo an AICPA quality control peer review every three years. We have successfully completed our most recent peer review.

New tax laws make the role of a qualified CPA extremely important so you can take full advantage of the opportunities, minimize the amount of tax you pay, and avoid any problems.

Thanks to the referrals that we receive from our current clients. Our sincerest thank you from Patty, Poppy and Staff, as we appreciate the challenges and opportunities you bring to us.

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